Fast forward a few years and at the age of 24, having traded through the sub prime crises – the most turbulent financial market conditions in generations – I’d built up enough of a reputation for myself that I decided it was time to start my own business.

Now, over the years, I’d seen a lot of education companies promising to teach people how to trade.

The truth was, none of that was real.

They made crazy promises like “make millions overnight”, “buy a system that will tell you when to buy” and all that other crap.

Trading isn’t like that at all… those types of companies are a rip off…. they’re deceptive, malicious and can cost people their life savings.


So… realizing there was a huge gap in the market I decided to set up a company alongside my business partner, only our goal was to be truthful – “sometimes you might make money, sometimes you might lose it, but here’s how we’d approach things as experienced traders”

We taught people indisputable facts rather than false promises, for example, if the dollar weakens simple economic principle would dictate that the oil or gold markets will go up…

The thing was…whilst this was all great in theory the truth was that running an education business nearly bankrupted me.

I had no idea how to market the business.

I was paying for billboard ads/radio ads/national newspaper coverage but none of it was working.

Out of desperation (and a lack of funds) I decided to take the bull by the horns and start marketing online, by myself.

That was the best decision I ever took.

Within six months the company had grown to be partnered, sponsored and endorsed by some of the largest corporations in the world – I’m talking multi-billion dollar, publicly listed companies.

To date, my company is still the only financial education company in the world to have received the backing of both the largest stock exchange and the largest CFD and spread betting exchanges.

…and that was when I fell in love with online marketing.

The truth is, I’ve had to learn things the hard way.

Try, fail, try again.

That’s what this blog is all about.

I’m someone who takes action. I don’t just talk the talk, I try things and then share what I’ve actually learned.

Today I own a boutique marketing agency –

I’m also involved in a number of education related side projects including selling online courses and producing The Business Of Education Show.

When I’m not working I’m either spending time with my beautiful wife, watching Arsenal, or listening to podcasts.

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn where you’ll see testimonials from many of my clients ranging from media moguls and best selling authors to $5,000,000 a month Internet marketers.

You can also get in touch about hiring me to help grow your business.

– Mem