Lessons Learned As An Entrepreneur

Let me tell you the story of my crazy great grandmother…

Never met the lady but…gosh….by the sound of things, she messed up badly!

Apparently, back in the day, she came from a wealthy family and was quite a rich woman.

Legend has it that unknown to her family, she buried most of her gold and jewelry in a random field somewhere for “safe keeping”.

And then, she lost her memoryNot a good combination…

I mean, I’ve made some pretty bad mistakes since starting my first business, like the time I hired a cheap software developer thinking I was saving money, then ended up losing hundreds of thousands as a result

But compared to burying your life’s savings and forgetting about it, I think my mistakes don’t come close.

If you’re a business owner or an online entrepreneur, I think you’re going to be able to relate.

Here’s the nine lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur since starting my first business. 

PS – I don’t suppose you’ve got a metal detector you can lend me, do you?