I’m about to share 94 of the best websites to find social media content ideas.

This list is going to help you:

– find content quickly
– find content your audience will actually like
– grow a targeted audience rather than spam bots and time wasters

Best of all, using these sites you’ll be able to stay active on social media with just a few minutes of work a day.

That means:

– No more headaches about what to share next
– No more wasting time searching for new and interesting content
– No more sharing the same type things from the same websites, over and over again

Note: This list is in no official order – those at the top of the list aren’t better than those at the bottom (or vice versa). When you need to find social media content quickly you can use any of these, safe in the knowledge that they’re the best at what they do.

So, with that out of the way, let’s dive in!


Free Bonus: I've created a free cheat sheet that will allow you to enter you keyword and automatically search all 94 websites from this post within 2 seconds.

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Here's what I'm going to be covering in this blog post. I'll go through each individually but if you want to jump straight to a section you can click the links below:

  1. Content Aggregator Websites
  2. User Generated Content
  3. Top Viral Sites
  4. Video Sites
  5. Best Sites For Gifs and Image Sharing
  6. Infographic Sites
  7. Quote Sites
  8. Online Presentation Websites
  9. Free Bonus Cheat Sheet


1. Content Aggregator Websites

When you go food shopping, you go to one place - the supermarket - and expect to see thousands of different things to buy, right?

You don't have to drive around town to find one shop for your bread, another for your cheese, another for your butter.

And yet, that's precisely what people do when trying to find social media content. They go from site to site, when in fact, most of their needs can be found in one place.

Content aggregators are a bit like virtual supermarkets for content (except they're free!). They don’t actually create content themselves but they find interesting articles and compile them in one place.

You visit one site. They show you hundreds of articles that other people have created, from across the Internet, about your area of interest.

I call that efficient work, don't you?

Here are 37 of my favourite content aggregator sites:

buzzsumo-LRG-white-bluebg1) Buzzsumo

When it comes to discovering hot content, Buzzsumo is up there as one of the very best sites around. They've got an easy to use interface and have both free and paid plans.

2) Google News

Constantly updated, easy to filter and 100% free. Google news makes it very easy to find newsworthy social media content from a huge array of sources.

(3 Digg

Digg’s great for finding what’s hot right now. Their editors are experts at featuring only the best content.
Website: http://digg.com/

(4 Delicious

Delicious is the world’s largest social bookmarking site. Users can save, share and discover content in seconds.
Website: http://del.icio.us/

(5 Flipboard

Few sites present content as well as Flipboard. If you’ve yet to check them out, you’re going to love how it looks
Website: https://flipboard.com/

(6 Medium

Medium’s an online publishing platform that lets anyone share blog posts via their site. It’s growing at break-neck speed
Website: https://medium.com/

(7 Storify

Storify is a social media tool that lets users pick a topic & create stories based on what’s being shared on social media.
Website: https://storify.com/

(8 List.ly

If you're a fan of lists or listicles (and it seems everyone is!) you're going to love list.ly. Plus, it's community driven.

Website: http://List.ly

(9 Nuzzel

Nuzzel shows the content your friends are sharing on social media & lists it based on popularity. The popularity filter is a nice touch.
Website: http://nuzzel.com

(10 Nextdraft

Every morning Dave Pell collates 10 of 'the day’s most fascinating news' stories then shares it on Nextdraft. Awesome site!
Website: http://nextdraft.com

(11 Bizsugar

Aimed predominantly at entrepreneurs, Bizsugar is a bookmarking site with lots of business news

Website: http://www.bizsugar.com

Now, let me show you a quick trick.

Some of the websites I'm about to share require you to log in and create accounts before you can access their links.

Others, despite being full of great content, are quite difficult to navigate.

So, here’s how I find their content without registering for an account or going through their website.

Go to Google and enter the following search query:

Search:[website] [keyword]

So, for example, if you want to search the site getprismatic.com for articles related to bullying I’d google the following…

site:getprismatic.com bullying

This tells Google to find me any articles mentioning the word “bullying” that have appeared on the site getprismatic.com – clicking on any of these links (345 of them!) will take me directly to the source of the article without having to visit the getprismatic site.

google search

Cool trick, hey?

You'll need to use that trick for the following content aggregation sites:

(12 Prismatic

Although Prismatic’s recently been shut down, the trick above still works for finding social media content ideas from stories they'd previously featured.
Website: Prismatic is now shut

(13 ScoopIt

Scoop.it users create boards and share their thoughts on their topics of interest. There’s some great stuff on there.
Website: http://www.scoop.it/

(14 Zergnet

Zergnet is a traffic platform, used by publishers to promote their content. Because of this, it's full of good content.
Website: http://www.zergnet.com

(15 Sumbleupon

Stumbleupon does a great job of showcasing stories from lesser known sites, with content on just about any topic you can think of.
Website: Stumbleupon

(16 Newsvine

Newsvine’s a platform for ‘collaborative journalism’. Users share their own content or links from journalists.
Website: http://www.newsvine.com

(17 Alltop

Alltop acts as a directory for the best sites centered around a topic. They also share recent headlines from each featured site
Website: http://alltop.com/

(18 Instapaper

Instapaper allows users to save webpages to read later on. You can use the google search trick above to find what people have saved
Website: http://www.instapaper.com/

(19 Pocket

With 22 million users, Pocket’s another great ‘save for later’ tool. Again, you can use the google search from above to see what users have saved
Website: http://getpocket.com/

(20 Fresh

Like the name suggests, Fre.sh features fresh content from the fastest rising stories online. It’s powered by Buzzfeed
Website: http://fre.sh/

(21 Thinglink

Thinglink is a cool site for creating interactive images. It’s got a heavy educational feel to it, but full of great ideas for content
Website: http://www.thinglink.com

(22 News Me

News.me analyzes Facebook and Twitter links shared by your friends, then presents them based on what’s most likely to be interesting to you.
Website: http://www.news.me

(23 Smartbrief

Aimed at senior executives, thought leaders and industry professionals, SmartBrief shares relevant industry news, daily.

Website: http://smartbrief.com/>

(24 99u

Action oriented insights, mostly focused on productivity, organization and leadership. It’s written for creatives but applicable to all.
Website: http://99u.com

(25 Mahalo

Mahalo’s a hidden gem. Not many people seem to know about it, but it’s great for finding content people are passionate about
Website: http://www.mahalo.com/

(26 Muckrack

Muckrack’s a tool used by journalists and PR professionals to help spread their stories. It’s a good site for finding content
Website: http://Muckrack.com

(27 This Is True

As the name suggests, ThisIsTrue provides a humorous look at bizarre but true stories. Definitely check it out!
Website: http://Thisistrue.com

(28 TrapIt

Trap.it is a sophisticated content discovery platform that uses a spin off of the technology used by Apple’s Siri - clever stuff!
Website: http://Trap.it

(29 Bundlr

Bundlr’s a tool for organizing and sharing content in “bundles”. Very useful for finding tons of related topics on one page.
Website: http://Bundlr.com

(30 Shareist

Shareist is a tool for content marketers. That means there’s always quality content on the site 🙂
Website: http://www.shareist.com/

(31 Quibb

Quibb is a members only site for professionals. Use my google workaround to find what members are sharing!
Website: http://quibb.com

(32 Readability

The Readability team built their platform in order to make the web a more pleasant place to read. They've done a great job.
Website: http://www.readability.com/

(33 Pinhawk

Pinhawk is a daily newsletter for professionals. Expect lots of authoritative links from well known news and finance sites
Website: http://Pinhawk.com

(34 Theneeds

Theneeds is one of the best sites around when it comes to suggesting and discovering personally tailored content. I’m a big fan
Website: http://Theneeds.com

(35 Paperli

A firm favourite for lots of Twitter users, paper.li enables users to create their own ‘newspapers’ from content they’ve discovered.
Website: http://www.paper.li

(36 Publish This

Publish This is a content marketing platform that utilizes big data to monitor, create and publish content.
Website: http://www.publishthis.com

(37 Rebel Mouse

Rebel Mouse allows users to build a dynamic site featuring all the content they’ve shared on social media.
Website: http://www.rebelmouse.com/

2. Social Media & User Generated Content

Social media is a goldmine for finding great content ideas.

If people like something enough to share it, there's a good chance that other people will like it too.

Provided you're able to sift through the junk in order to find the treasure, these 14 sites should provide you with more new content than you'll ever be able to use.

(38 Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an Instagram viewer (and analytics tool) that’s great for finding Instagram images.
Website: http://iconosquare.com

(39 Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the best around when it comes to micro-content. There's more content here than you can shake a stick at!
Website: http://www.tumblr.com

(40 Reddit

The self proclaimed ‘front page of the Internet’, Reddit has communities (subreddits) on just about every subject you can think of.
Website: http://www.reddit.com

(41 Upvoted

Upvoted is Reddit’s very own news site, featuring extended commentary from the best stories from Reddit.
Website: http://upvoted.com

(42 Pinterest

With over 25 million unique monthly visitors, you can rest assured Pinterest has links to content you’re looking for.
Website: http://www.pinterest.com

(43 Google+

Google+ is an interest based social network meaning if you can find the right community, you’re bound to find great social media content too.
Website: http://plus.google.com

(44 Linkedin Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is LinkedIn’s publishing platform, allowing users to share their articles with likeminded professionals.
Website: Linkedin Pulse/

(45 Linkedin Groups

LinkedIn groups are discussion boards for professionals with. Excellent for industry specific content.
Website: Linkedin

(46 Twitter search

Twitter search allows users to find what’s being shared on Twitter based on keywords, hashtags, and even sentiment.
Website: Twitter Search

(47 Twitter lists

Most people use Twitter lists group together and keep track of Twitter users. But did you know you can also subscribe to other people’s lists?
Website: http://www.twitter.com

(48 Tagboard

Tagboard allows you to search for hashtags across multiple social media sites. One platform, lot’s of results. Big time saver!
Website: http://tagboard.com

(49 Quora

The question and answer site used by super smart people. Quora has to be right up there as one of my fav sites for finding content.
Website: http://www.quora.com

(50 Klout

Klout’s a tool that measures social influence. It’s also excellent for finding what content influencers are sharing
Website: http://klout.com

(51 Topsy

Topsy used to be a social media analytics company however it’s recently been shut down *sad face*. For now, you can still use the Google search trick to find content that used to be on the site.
Website: Topsy's now shut


Free Bonus: I've created a free cheat sheet that will allow you to enter you keyword and automatically search all 94 websites from this post within 2 seconds.

see it in action


3. Viral Content Creators

Sites likes of Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and Mashable have built businesses by constantly generating great new content.

They’re amazing at what they do - one curious click and before you can say “what the heck’s just happened?” you’ll be left wondering where the last few hours have disappeared.


When it comes to finding great social media content ideas, it's a pretty safe bet that anything written by these websites is going to be popular with your audience.

21 of the best viral sites include:

(52 Buzzfeed

No introduction needed. If you’ve not heard of Buzzfeed you’ve probably been hiding under a rock.
Website: http://www.buzzfeed.com

(53 Jezebel

Priding itself on being a women’s magazine, Jezebel is a power-house for all things pop culture & fashion.
Website: http://jezebel.com/

(54 Cracked

One of the funniest sites around, the team over at Cracked are experts at producing laugh out loud content, day in, day out.
Website: http://www.cracked.com

(55 Gawker

Gawker is a celeb culture blog. If you’re looking for the latest gossip - who’s done what with whom - this is where to turn.
Website: http://gawker.com

(56 I waste so much time

The clue's in the name - I Waste So Much Time is full of funny and random stories perfect for wasting time!
Website: http://iwastesomuchtime.com

(57 Upworthy

A dead cert when it comes to viral content. Upworthy continuously produce some of the most engaging stories around.
Website: http://www.upworthy.com

(58 Boing Boing

Boing Boing creates insightful and topical content with a focus on sci-fi, tech and gadget stories.
Website: http://boingboing.net

(59 Huffington Post

One of the most visited websites online, Huffington Post is one of the best news sites around.
Website: Huffington Post

(60 Daily Beast

Full of sharp opinion pieces and award winning reporting, Daily Beast has tons of linkworthy content.
Website: http://www.thedailybeast.com

(61 Mashable

Mashable is a hugely influential news site that produces excellent content particularly relating to digital culture & innovation.
Website: http://mashable.com

(62 Viral Nova

One man in his bedroom grew ViralNova to over 100 million readers. Believe me, there’s a reason why it’s so popular!
Website: http://www.viralnova.com

(63 Little Things

If you haven’t checked out Little Things, you’re missing out. It’s great for uplifting and feel good stories.
Website: http://www.littlethings.com

(64 Distractify

Distractify - the clue’s in the name. When you need fun content to kill a few minutes, this should be your go-to site.
Website: http://distractify.com

(65 Thought Catalog

Expect fun, smart and creative stories. Thought Catalog's an online magazine with over 30 million readers
Website: Thought Catalog

(66 Ranker

Ranker create lists on just about any topic you can imagine. Users can vote and re-rank lists, so there’s always great engagement.
Website: http://www.ranker.com/

(67 Play Buzz

Play Buzz allows digital content creators to publish via their site. They focus on ensuring content is optimized for social media.
Website: http://www.playbuzz.com

(68 Uproxx

Uproxx prides itself on being ‘the premier news platform for the digital generation’. If it’s newsworthy, Uproxx have it covered.
Website: http://uproxx.com

(69 Know Your Meme

Know You Meme is a fantastic resource for staying up to date with the latest viral memes and how they came to be so popular.
Website: http://knowyourmeme.com/

(70 Daily Dot

A must read for anyone interested in web culture. If it’s happening online, Daily Dot has great content about it.
Website: http://www.dailydot.com

(71 Twisted Sifter

Looking for content with great visuals? Look no further than Twisted Sifter.

(72 Twenty Two Words

Daily awesomeness in - yep, you guessed it - 22 words or less.
Website: Twenty Two Words

4. Videos

If you’re not sharing videos on social media, you’re missing a trick.


Video content is easy to consume (aka people are lazy and don't like reading if they can help it).

Videos also tend to have more engagement than other forms of social content.

You only need to look at the growing importance Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are placing on video content - and the growing presence of sites like Blab, Meerkat and Periscope, all of which incorporate live video streaming - to know that videos are going to be an increasingly important part of social strategy in the coming years.

For now, the list is quite short, simply because Youtube is the undisputed king.

But... give it a few years and I'm willing to bet there's going to be some exciting new companies on this list too.

[bctt tweet="Random fact of the day: did you know that Youtube is actually the second largest search engine?"]

Here are my favourite places to find videos.

(73 Youtube

Youtube needs no introduction. They boast over a billion users and have still achieved 50% year on year growth for the past 3 years straight!
Website: http://www.youtube.com/

(74 Blinkx

A lesser known video platform, but excellent in its own right. Definitely check out Blinkx
Website: http://www.blinkx.com

(75 Aol On

The Aol team create a range of news and entertainment reports in short video clips. Some good viewing to be had!
Website: http://on.aol.com/

(76 Showyou

Recently acquired by Vevo - looks like Showyou is no longer available *sad face*
Website: http://showyou.com

(77 Vine

Vines are six seconds long videos. The fact that they loop over and over makes it ideal for producing funny content.
Website: http://vine.co/

(78 Periscope

Periscope is a video streaming platform owned by Twitter. Anyone can create a live videos meaning there’s a huge array of content.
Website: http://www.periscope.tv

5. Images and Gifs

The human brain process visuals 60,000 times faster than it does text.

That means that by sharing an image or a gif, you’re far more likely to demand attention and actually get noticed.

Look at the status update from Zappos below.

If you strip out the image, the words alone ("I’ll take this kind of labor any day") aren’t going to generate much attention.

But by adding a well chosen image to accompany the text, suddenly it stands out - women everywhere take notice ("shoes, must have more shoes!")


And it’s the same with your social media too.

Adding that perfect image or gif is going to help you to stand out and get noticed a hundred times more than just text alone.

My favourite sites to source images and gifs include:

(79 Flickr

Flickr allows users to share and manage their photos with ease. There’s millions of great photos to draw on for inspiration.
Website: http://www.flickr.com

(80 Imgur

Currently ranked as one of the top 50 largest websites in the world, there’s no shortage of images to be found on Imgur!
Website: http://imgur.com

(81 Giphy

A search engine for gifs, Giphy allows you to search for and share gifs on pretty much anything you can think of.
Website: http://giphy.com

(82 Gif Me

Gif Me is another awesome site for uploading and finding gifs. They also have a chrome extension worth checking out.
Website: http://gifme.io

(83 Meme base

Full of funny images and memes, the cheezburger team that create Memebase have a talent for finding seriously funny stuff.
Website: http://memebase.cheezburger.com

6. Infographics

Infographics are a great way to find social media content ideas that don't bore the pants off your reader.

By presenting information in a visual and engaging fashion, there’s a much greater likelihood they’ll read and understand whatever it is you're trying to convey.

Ever wondered how to moonwalk? Good luck explaining it with just text alone - not an easy task!



My favourite sites for infographics include:

(84 Piktochart

Piktochart allows users to make their own infographics with a really easy to use editor. You’ll be surprised how great they look.
Website: http://piktochart.com

(85 Infogram

Describing themselves as a ‘data visualization tool’, Infogram help users convert boring data into beautiful infographics and charts.
Website: http://infogr.am/

(86 Visually

Visual.ly is home to the largest online collection of infographics. Easy to search, and also great for creating visuals too!
Website: http://Visual.ly

(87 Visualistan

Visualistan is an infographics community where users can upload and discover infographics on a wide range of topics. A very cool resource.
Website: http://www.visualistan.com


Quotes tend to get a lot of engagement (particularly if they’re relevant to your industry).

Why? Well, my theory is that:

a) people can relate to them
b) people want to appear as if they personally represent that message too

What you'll often find is that quotes get a lot of shares and retweets because people want the kudos (or benefit by association) that comes from sharing a pearl of wisdom from someone who's respected.

And let's be honest; you're more likely to pay attention if there's a well known name associated with something than if it's written by someone you've never heard of before.

That's why brands pay celebrities millions for product endorsements...to align themselves with a name.

If you can get a fraction of that benefit by sharing a quote from someone famous, I say go for it!


When I need quotes, I turn to:

(88 Goodreads

Looking for a new book to read? Goodreads is the largest book recommendation site around. Their quotes section is also fantastic.
Website: http://www.goodreads.com/

(89 Brainy Quote

Great for finding inspiration and thought provoking quotes from famous people, Brainy Quote is one of the best around.
Website: http://www.brainyquote.com

(90 Search Quotes

Search quotes brings together an extensive collection of quotes and sayings with a cool thumbs up-thumbs down ranking system.
Website: Search Quotes/

8. Presentations

Slide decks are a hybrid between visual and written content.

They’re a great way to present information (especially information that’s more in-depth or complex than an infographic can do justice), plus they encourage a lot of engagement because users need to click a button in order to see the next slide.


According to Buffer, their most popular SlideShares match or exceed the traffic they get from their most popular posts.

That's a BIG revelation. I hope you just stood up and paid attention to that.

The best sites to find presentations to share on social include:

(91 Slideshare

Owned by LinkedIn, Slideshare allows users to create and upload presentations, predominantly catering to the professional market.
Website: http://www.slideshare.net/

(92 Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is the perfect tool for designing beautiful slide decks within minutes. Their tool is intuitive and easy to use.
Website: http://www.haikudeck.com

(93 PowToon

PowToon helps users create professional animations for use in videos and presentations - great for presenting boring information in an engaging way.
Website: http://www.powtoon.com

(94 Prezi

Taking presentations to whole new levels, Prezi adds interaction to presentations that’s simply not possible using typical slides.
Website: http://prezi.com

9. Wrapping Up

I'm hoping these sites will save you a LOT of time and prevent you from ever scratching your head wondering what to share next.

By mixing it up and sharing content from each of the categories (blog posts, quotes, videos, images, presentations etc), you’ll keep your audience engaged and grow a community that looks forward to your next update.

Here's the full list, in all it's glory

  1. Buzzsumo
  2. Google News
  3. Digg
  4. Delicious
  5. Flipboard
  6. Medium
  7. Storify
  8. List.ly
  9. Nuzzle
  10. Nextdraft
  11. Bizsugar
  12. Prismatic
  13. ScoopIt
  14. Zergnet
  15. Stumbleupon
  16. Newsvine
  17. Alltop
  18. Instapaper
  19. Pocket
  20. Fre.sh
  21. Thinglink
  22. News.me
  23. Smartbrief.com
  24. 99u.com
  25. Mahalo
  26. Muckrack.com
  27. Thisistrue.com
  28. Trap.it
  29. Bundlr.com
  30. Shareist
  31. Quibb
  32. Readability
  33. Pinhawk.com
  34. Theneeds.com
  35. Paper.li
  36. Publish This
  37. Rebel Mouse
  38. Iconosquare (for Instagram searches)
  39. Tumblr
  40. Reddit
  41. Upvoted
  42. Pinterest
  43. Google+
  44. Linkedin Pulse
  45. Linkedin Groups
  46. Twitter search
  47. Twitter lists
  48. Tagboard
  49. Quora
  50. Klout
  51. Topsy
  52. Buzzfeed
  53. Jezebel
  54. Cracked
  55. Gawker
  56. I waste so much time
  57. Upworthy
  58. Boing Boing
  59. Huffington Post
  60. Daily Beast
  61. Mashable
  62. Viral Nova
  63. Little Things
  64. Distractify
  65. Thought Catalog
  66. Ranker
  67. Play Buzz
  68. Uproxx
  69. Know Your Meme
  70. Daily Dot
  71. Twisted Sifter
  72. Twenty Two Words
  73. Youtube
  74. Blinkx
  75. AOL
  76. Showyou
  77. Vine
  78. Periscope
  79. Flickr
  80. Imgur
  81. Giphy
  82. Gif Me
  83. Meme base
  84. Piktochart
  85. Infogram
  86. Visually
  87. Visualistan
  88. Goodreads
  89. Brainy Qute
  90. Search Quotes
  91. Slideshare
  92. Haiku Deck
  93. PowToon
  94. Prezi

Free Bonus: I've created a free cheat sheet that will allow you to enter you keyword and automatically search all 94 websites from this post within 2 seconds.

see it in action


Have I missed anything out?

So there you have it, that's my ultimate list of sites you can use for finding great social media content ideas. If there’s a site you think I should add to the list, leave a comment below!