Hi, I'm Mem

I'm a video marketera keynote speakera Udemy instructoran SEO strategista tech geek


My name's Mehmet. Everyone calls me Mem.

I help my clients with video marketing and SEO.

VidSaga named me one of the top 25 video marketing disruptors (globally) in 2019.

I get invited to speak to audiences worldwide about using video for business growth. I still have to pinch myself when I get on stage to speak in front of thousands of people.

The first company I started – an education business – grew to be partnered with some of the largest corporations on Earth (multi billion dollar, publicly listed companies).

I’m a British citizen, born in London.

I'm a Law graduate who's never worked in the legal sector (a train journey in 2007 changed my career trajectory).

Over 5000 students have taken my course on SEO.

I've helped clients raise over $1.6 million using crowdfunding sites, including one of the most successful Kickstarter launches, ever.

I've been blessed to work with clients including TV stars, diamond retailers, magazine publications, luxury retailers, Hollywood A listers...

Getting stabbed resulted in me skyrocketing my sales.

I have a watch addiction. I currently have 16  17.

I believe video is the future of the internet.

I own an YouTube marketing agency.

I'm sometimes for hire.

You can contact me on LinkedIn (preferred) or Twitter (I rarely tweet).

My wife and I, on our wedding day
- August 2017

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