Hi, I'm Mem

I'm an entrepreneura video marketera Udemy instructora Facebook marketera tech geek


I'm an internet marketer, entrepreneur, Youtube addict and collector of watches.

I graduated to become a lawyer but a train journey in 2007 changed my life.

I’m a British citizen, born in London.

The first company I started – an education business – grew to be partnered with some of the largest corporations on Earth.

I grow chili peppers.

My favourite music is old skool vocal garage

I’m a Udemy instructor. 5000+ students have taken my course.

My wife thinks I work too much.

I believe video is the future of the internet.

I have a penchant for software products.

I own an education marketing agency

I'm sometimes for hire. You can also contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

My wife and I, on our wedding day
(with our beautiful flower girls)
- August 2017

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